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Vital Oxidizer

The Vital Oxidizer has been developed for horticulture, but can also be used for multiple purposes when it comes to water purification.

The Vital Oxidizer not only increases the dissolved oxygen in the water, but also has a purifying effect.

For every challenge you have for us, we make a customized plan.

Measuring instruments such as an dissolved oxygen meter can show you what the water quality of a water source is like.


We supply high quality measuring instruments to find out more about your water. 


Besides the Vital Oxidizer, it can be recommended to use biological means to restore the biological balance. We will gladly advise you about this.

We like to think in solutions. That's just the way we are.

JVR Tecmar supplies high quality products that will help you to clean your watering system, but also keep it clean during cultivation. The Vital Oxidizer is the solution.


  • The Vital-Oxidizer sucks the oxygen into the water by means of whirling, so that the good oxygen dissolves in the water and can also bind better to the water.
  • Oxygen in the water is therefore crucial for water quality. Oxygen-rich water means healthy, 'living' or 'vital' water, which allows soil life and plants to grow.
  • With the Vital-Oxidizer the water is enriched to a saturation value of 100-120% dissolved oxygen at a normal atmospheric pressure of 1013.25 hPa.
  • The addition of oxygen creates an aerobic environment, creating a healthier water environment in which pathogens have less chance.
  • The Vital-Oxidizer is a water quality improvement technique that naturally cleans your irrigation system from algae and other organic contaminants, replacing the use of hydrogen peroxide and chlorine. 

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