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Vital Oxidizer

To keep your knowledge of water quality, cleaning your system and system maintenance up to date, we offer training courses both on site and online.


Each training session can be customized to your needs and ideas.

The use of the Vital Oxidizer in combination with the bio-stimulants will restore the biological balance.


To make this understandable, we can perform measurements on location during a pre-arranged time.


We will gladly advise you about this.

 We like to think in solutions. That's just the way we are.

JVR Tecmar stands for quality. We always deliver what we promise and we are only satisfied when you are. We deliver solutions for every problem you encounter.


  • Your irrigation system is clogged by the accumulation of algae and fungi, a so called bio film.
  • The presence of this pollution reduces the oxygen content, and thus the water quality.
  • This results in a favourable environment for pathogens to grow profusely.
  • This creates an anoxic situation that is unfavourable for the root development of plants.
  • The yield drops drastically and the quality of your product decreases.


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